What happened to college basketball?

We have temporarily removed CBB until we are able to provide accurate projections more consistently.

What is a blocked player?

A player you've chosen to exclude from all lineups. Whether it's due to injury, suspension, or just your own personal vendetta, you are choosing to exlude this player. We will make sure he does not show up in any results that we show you.

What is a locked player?

A player that you want the search limited too. If you lock Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Jay Cutler as your QBs, then every lineup will contain one of them. Other sites only let you lock one QB, we let you lock a group. If you want a specific QB, just lock him. All lineups will include this player.

How do you choose the best lineups?

Short answer: Math. Long answer: We take the projections from your favorite site, take your locks and blocks into consideration, then figure out the optimal lineup that comes in at or below the max salary.

Why not just choose the best lineup without locking/blocking?

Maybe you have a feeling that the Raiders' backup running back will have a breakout game and you want to lock him in. Maybe you're afraid Cam Newton isn't 100%. Maybe you just don't like the Packers. Whatever your reason, you lock or block whoever you want, and we'll calculate the best options. If you don't like those choices, changes the locks and blocks, then pull some more lineups. There's no limit!